Common terms you'll run into on the project.
Please add new terms as you come across them. If you don't know what something means, please ask — there's no embarrassment in not knowing a term.


Admin: Anyone with access to the back-end dashboard, roles and permissions are listed below.
  • Owner: Simple tech team members. Has all permissions listed below:
    • View Dashboard for all Organizations
    • View and Download the Overdue list (facility-wise)
    • View and update Adherence follow-ups
    • Manage Organizations, Facility groups and Facilities
    • Manage Admins
    • Manage Protocols
    • Manage Users and approve / deny their access to the Simple mobile app
    • Search Audit Logs
  • Organization Owner: Administrators for one or more Organizations, e.g. PATH admins. Has the same permissions as Owner, but limited to the organizations they control. They also can't add organizations.
  • Supervisor: Program supervisors, primarily CVHO and STS. Permissions limited to:
    • View Dashboard for Facilities that they have access to
    • View and Download the Overdue list (facility-wise)
    • View Facilities they have access to
    • Manage Users and approve / deny their access to the Simple mobile app
  • Analyst: People who just need dashboard data, e.g. an epidemiologist or health expert Permissions are read-only, limited to:
    • View Dashboard for Facilities they have access to (District page only, not User page
    • No overdue list or management access
  • Counselor: Call center employee or counselor who will follow up with the patient. Permissions limited to:
    • View and Update the Overdue list
    • View and Update Adherence follow-ups
    • No dashboard or management access


  • Blood Pressure (BP): Combination of systolic and diastolic BP readings in mm Hg
    Recorded as Systolic/Diastolic Ex. 120/80
  • BP medicines: Name(s) and dosage(s) of medication currently prescribed to a patient
  • BP passport: Physical ID provided to the patient
  • BP passport code: UUID printed on BP passport as a QR code, which can be scanned to find the patient.
  • BP passport short code: A 7-digit number that summarizes the UUID, which can be entered if the scanner does not work.
  • Business ID: IDs other than BP passport that may be associated with a patient (such as Driving License, State Health ID etc.)
  • Call list: Used interchangeably with overdue list
  • Clinic: Used interchangeably with Facility
  • DM: Diabetes mellitus (the clinical term for diabetes)
  • Facility:
    • Sub-centre
    • PHC (Primary Health Centre)
    • CHC (Community Health Centre)
    • District Hospital (or)
    • Any Public or Private Healthcare Facility
    • All Facilities are identified by a Facility ID
    • Users can be linked to one or more Facilities
  • Facility group: Group of one or more facilities
    • Users within a facility group sync patient data amongst themselves
    • Users outside a facility group do not sync data amongst themselves
  • Follow up list: List of all patients who have missed their appointment (including ones without a phone number). Displayed on the web dashboard.
  • HTN: Hypertension
  • ICMR: Indian Council of Medical Research
  • IHMI/IHCI: Indian Hypertension Management Initiative, now called India Hypertension Control Initiative
  • Overdue list: List of patients who have a phone number and who have missed their appointment. Displayed on the nurses' phone.
  • Organization: One or more facility groups that are part of a single administrative unit
  • Protocol: Name(s) and dosage(s) of medication recommended to be prescribed to a patient based on their current BP and BP history.
  • Patient log: List of all patients with a BP recorded in that facility. Displayed on the nurses' phones.
  • Result of a phone call made with the user's number masked:
    • Completed: Connected to the patient
    • Canceled: User cut the call before it was connected
    • Busy: Patient’s number is giving a busy tone
    • No answer: Patient did not answer
    • Failed: Call failed (likely due to bad phone number or operator-level disconnections)
    • Unknown: Result of the call is unknown
  • Security PIN: 4 digit PIN used by the Nurse to login to the app
  • User: User of Simple app (i.e. a healthcare work not a patient)