There are several full-time designers and UX researchers on the Simple project. Please join us on Slack if you would like to contribute.

Figma files

All of the user interface elements for the Android app and some of the Simple dashboard are now on Figma. Please feel free to 'borrow' or 'steal' anything from our public Figma project. We consider it to be public domain or CC0: Designs for app in use - Here Designs in exploration - Here​

Android app

Web-based Dashboard

  • ​Zeplin for a collection of some UI screens

  • ​BP Passports that are given to patients as an ID and a record of recent BPs and medicines

  • QR code booklets are provided to the facilities that already maintain a booklet for each patients

  • ​App usage guidebook given to new users

  • Blood Pressure Checklist