Development conventions

Branch names

Since we using trunk based development as our workflow, we try to merge code daily and not have any long running "feature branches".

  • Daily branches have the developer's initials, the date, and a small title.

    • For e.g.: Asha Kumari making a branch on 12th April to work on "updated search algorithm", should name the branch something like ak/12apr/update-search-algo

    • This gently nudges the developer to merge the branch in a day or two, since this is just a convention and not enforced in any manner.

  • Release branches have an identifier that it is a release branch, and the date on which the branch is scheduled to go live.

    • For example, the release branch cut on 10th December 2018 will be named release/2018-12-17 to indicate that it is the release which is scheduled to go live on 17th December 2018.