User testing

All documents marked with 🔒are private and for team members of Simple.

Users of Simple

We document most user studies on a private Notion. If you would like us to share insights into workflows in NCD clinics in public hospitals in India or Ethiopia, please get in touch.
​Key moments in the user journey of a nurse An illustrated sequence that depicts the end-to-end experience of a staff nurse.
​Journey map: Staff nurses A mapping of a staff nurse's first-time experience with Simple and her typical work day.
​Journey map: Patients Some of the patient workflows as observed at public health clinics.
​🔒​Persona: Community Health Officer Persona of a Community Health Officer, who manages a Health and Wellness Centre.
​Common user types of Simple A list of the various users of Simple. These range from the patient, and staff nurse, to the Senior Medical Officer, and health minister. 🔒 Stories from the field Meet some of the actual users of Simple.