User testing

All documents marked with 🔒are private and for team members of Simple.

Users of Simple

We document most user studies on a private Notion. If you would like us to share insights into workflows in NCD clinics in public hospitals in India or Ethiopia, please get in touch.

Key moments in the user journey of a nurse An illustrated sequence that depicts the end-to-end experience of a staff nurse.

Journey map: Staff nurses A mapping of a staff nurse's first-time experience with Simple and her typical work day.

Journey map: Patients Some of the patient workflows as observed at public health clinics.

🔒Persona: Community Health Officer Persona of a Community Health Officer, who manages a Health and Wellness Centre.

Common user types of Simple A list of the various users of Simple. These range from the patient, and staff nurse, to the Senior Medical Officer, and health minister. 🔒 Stories from the field Meet some of the actual users of Simple.

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