Bitrise Workflow Quirks

We currently have four workflows which generate builds:

  • build-demo-sand-prod-apks: This workflow builds the APKs for all environments (SANDBOX, DEMO, PRODUCTION) and makes them available for download.

  • deploy-sandbox-to-play-store: This workflow builds the SANDBOX APK and deploys it to the Play Store.

  • deploy-demo-to-play-store: This workflow builds the DEMO APK and deploys it to the Play Store.

  • deploy-prod-to-play-store: This workflow builds the PRODUCTION APK and deploys it to the Play Store.

The quirk here to note is that the gradle build command is duplicated across all of these builds. The gradle config for build-demo-sand-prod-apks is hardcoded as part of the workflow, whereas for the others, there are sub-workflows named _gradle-sandbox-build, _gradle-sandbox-build, and _gradle-prod-build respectively.

Currently, if you need to make a change to the gradle build command, you need to make the change in ALL of these workflows.

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