Guide for use in the field

Use this troubleshooting guide to suggest solutions for issues faced by healthcare workers who use Simple in India




It is important to stay active on your WhatsApp groups and help healthcare workers when they face an issue with Simple. Thank you for your hard work and cooperation.

Be kind

Be kind

Ask the users to not get worried when they have made any mistakes or if they’re confused. We are here to help them.

Location access

Location access

Ask users to allow access to their location during sign-up. This will help them find the correct facility and prevent registration of patients under the wrong facility.



When users request new features or have ideas to improve Simple, please make a note and message to Praveen.

If the issue doesn’t get resolved with any of the suggested workarounds, kindly make a note of it and report the issue along with the details to Praveen.


1. "I am not able to find a patient"

  • Try searching with a different spelling, e.g 'Aakash' instead of 'Akash'

  • Make sure to match patient details - (full name, age, address, last visit date) to check if patient is already registered.

  • Enter full name (First name + last name) for e.g type 'Parminder Kaur Ahluwalia'

  • Ask the patient if they have already been registered at the same or different facility.

2. "I have duplicate patients"

  • Inform the users that we are working on a solution to remove duplicates from the system.

3. "I recorded a patient at the wrong facility"

  • Make sure that the users have currently selected correct facility from the home screen of the app.

  • Make a note of the patient that is recorded at the wrong facility and report it to Praveen.

4. "I want to edit patient details"

  • Ask the users to tap on the 'EDIT' button on the top right corner of the patient details screen.

5. "My call gets disconnected when I call a patient"

  • Ensure that the phone number they are trying to call is correct (has correct number of digits)

  • Ask the users to wait patiently while the call is being connected.

  • Inform the users that they will hear a funny beeping noise (when the call is being connected) which is completely normal. They should not hang up.

6. "Will I be charged for the calls made to the patients"?

  • There are two ways to call a patient. Secure calls are free and the user’s phone number is hidden.

  • Normal calls are charged as per user's network provider.

7. "I am not able to see recent patients"

  • If the users have recently downloaded the app, they must be approved in order to be able to see recent patients.

  • If there are no patients recorded in the facility, the recent patients list will be empty.

  • Ask the users to tap on the cloud icon on the home screen to refresh the recent patients list.

  • Ensure that the phone is connected to internet.

  • The first time when the app syncs data, it can take some time for the recent patients list to load.

8. "My data is not syncing"

  • Ensure that the user’s phone is connected to the internet.

  • If the user is trying to access patient data on another device, then they need to wait for a few minutes for the sync to finish.

9. "I am not able to download the app"

  • Type ‘simple resolve’ on Google Play Store to download the app.

  • User must be using any modern Android phone or tablet, version 5 or above. Ask them to check their Android phone version: Go to Settings -> scroll all the way down, look for ‘About Phone’. Tap on it to check the phone version.

10. "What is the meaning of patient at high risk"

  • Patients who are overdue and had their last BP greater than 160/100 or if their last BP was > 140/90 and the patiet has a history of heart attack or stroke they are labelled "high risk".

11. "What is considered High BP in Simple?"

  • BP>=140/90BP >= 140/90

12. "How can I remove the prescribed medicines"

  • To remove a current medicine, tap on the medicine name and select 'NONE'.

13. "We need more BP Passports"

  • Ask the users to ensure they have 2 boxes of BP passport in reserve at all times.

  • In case they do not have BP passports, they can still continue to register & update patient BPs using 'SEARCH'.

  • Call Praveen to place a new request for BP passports.

  • It takes about a month for the passports to arrive after placing a request.

14. "Should I issue a new BP passport to old patients as well?"

  • Yes, ask the users to issue BP Passports to all hypertensive patients and discontinue the old IHMI patient cards.

15. "I want to change my handset, but continue to use Simple with same mobile number. How can I do it?"

  • Download the ‘Simple’ app on the new handset from Google Play store.

  • Ensure that user's new handset has the same SIM card as their registered mobile number with ‘Simple’.

  • Ask them to open the ‘Simple’ app and tap on ‘Get started’.

  • Enter the mobile number and then their 4-digit security PIN

  • After successfully entering the correct PIN, they will see the following message:

  • Ask them to tap on ‘GOT IT’ and they can start using Simple as they normally do.

  • They will be logged out of their old device.

16. "Can I use the same mobile number with two handsets to use the Simple app?"

  • No, users cannot use two handsets with the same phone number to use Simple.

  • Users can only be logged in on one device at a time.

17. "I selected the wrong facility during installation and registration process in the Simple app. What should I do?"

  • The CVHO is requested to immediately get in touch with Praveen and share the user's details to get the facility corrected.

18. "I am transferred to another facility, how can I get it changed ?"

  • If the user transferred within the district, they can change it in the app themselves. Tap on the icon next to current facility name on the home screen , and select another facility.

  • If users are not able find the facility name, then their CVHO is requested to immediately get in touch with Praveen and share user's details to get the facility changed.

19. "If a patient is already registered in one facility and visits another facility, should he/she be registered as a new patient again ?"

  • If the patient is already registered in another facility, they should not be registered again in the new facility.

  • However, their details like - blood pressure, medicines etc. can be updated normally.