Dashboard permissions
Admin access to the dashboard is determined by the set of permissions listed below. The permissions apply to the facility groups that the admin has been invited to.
Approve health workers
      Allow or deny access to users
    Users page (Manage > Users)
      View user details
      Allow or deny access to a user
      Edit the user name or registration facility of a user
      Delete a user
View "My facilities"
    My facilities page
      BP control
      Missed visits
View reports
    District cohort page (Dashboard > District)
      View the district cohort report
      View facility activity
      Click on a facility to view the facility cohort report
      Download cohort reports
      Download WhatsApp graphic from the district page or the facility page
Health worker activity
    Facility cohort page (Dashboard > District > Facility)
      View user activity below the facility cohort report
      View recent BPs below the user activity section
Manage admins
    Admin page (Manage > Admins)
      Edit admin's full name, role, access level (permissions), organization or facility groups
      Delete admin
Manage organization
    Organization page (Manage > Organizations)
      Add a new organization
      Edit the name or description of an organization
      Delete an organization with no facility groups
Manage facility groups
    Facility group page (Manage > Facilities)
      Add a new facility group
      Edit the name, description of a facility group
      Edit the organization that a facility group is associated with
      Edit the facilities associated with a facility group
Manage facilities
    Facility page (Manage > Facilities)
      Add a new facility
      Add facilities in bulk by uploading a CSV
      Edit facility name, type and address
Manage protocols
    Protocol page (Manage > Protocols)
      Add a new protocol
        Protocol name
        Default number of days after which a patient is expected to visit
        Add, edit or delete drugs (name of the drug, RxNorm code, dosage) that are associated with a protocol
      Delete a protocol
View overdue list
    Overdue page
      View patients who are overdue for a visit
      Filter the list by facility
      Update the result of a follow-up (once this is updated, the patient only shows up in the list when they become overdue for a visit again)
Download overdue list
    Overdue page
      Select a facility from the dropdown and download the list of overdue patients for that facility
View adherence list
    Adherence follow-ups page
      View list of all registered patients
      Update the result of a follow-up (once this is updated, the patient is removed from this list)
Download patient line list
    Facility cohort page (Dashboard > District > Facility)
      Download list of all patients registered at a facility
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