Current priorties

These are the over-arching priorities of the project in the next few months. We use these to prioritize projects and decide what not to work on. Last updated: May 2, 2019


  1. Keep everything simple We are slipping a bit. Dashboards aren't simple. We're adding a lot of features

  2. Wide deployments that work e.g. Training materials/videos, scaleable customer support.

  3. Dashboards that deliver great feedback loops We're at about 0.1 here... need to get to 1.0 in a few months

  4. Interoperability Take first concrete steps with local partners

  5. Reduce lost-to-follow-up rates e.g. Text messages, overdue list improvements, WhatsApp, etc

  6. Next country... Be prepared for another country deployment later this year

  7. Designing for Diabetes (DM) support Exploration is prioritized, not development yet.

  8. Become more welcoming as an open source project

    Keep moving towards welcoming outside contributors (better documentation, openness, etc)


  • Engineering diabetes (DM) support in the app

  • Support for screening pre-hypertensive and undiagnosed patients

  • Telemedicine

  • Clinical decision support system (CDSS)

  • Facility self-registration